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I'm often asked "is there anything you can't do?" and my response is "not if it's something I want". Despite this being true, I spent most of my life as a dreamer. I've dreamt of becoming a doctor, I've dreamt of being on the Big Screen, I've dreamt of traveling the world, I've even dreamt of having dinner at Oprah's home with fresh vegetables from her personal garden... but that was it. I was only dreaming. Somewhere around my 25th Birthday, I decided to become a doer! I realized that if I only dreamed, I would never accomplish. I've since changed my "I wish" and "I would love to" to "I WILL!" And it's changing the course of my life! My name is Kelcey Anya'. I'm a multi-hyphenated. I want it all and I won't stop until I get it. This is my journey to Female Empowerment and World Domination! Strap in and enjoy the ride.

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