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"We show our scars so others know they can heal."

The Healing Story Project was birthed from a place of pain and a place of necessity. It was a birthed from the need to hear other women, who look like me, to tell me that it was going to be okay, to tell me that I wasn't alone in my struggle and to show me what it looks like to overcome. I needed that. And in many ways, I was blessed to have it. However, at my lowest of low, when I felt that I'd hit rock bottom and did not think I would make it out-- that's when I needed to hear these words again. Yet, I couldn't find them. That's where the Healing Story Project comes in. Sometimes, we don't have the strength to reach out. Sometimes, we just hope to find a place where we can be uplifted and encouraged without always having to ask. It is my deepest hope and sincerest prayer that the Healing Story Project serves a platform for Black women who have a story to share and even more, a safe haven for those who need to hear "you'll be okay" and "you are not alone".


Welheimina B., Demoni R., Alaysia P., 21

We sat down with 21 year old Welheimina, Demoni and Alaysia, and asked them about their experiences as young Black women hearing the stories of other Black women and how that has pushed them to be the amazing young women that they currently are and how it's shaping who they'll become in the future.


Autumn F., 19

We sat down with 19 year old college student, Autumn and asked her why hearing the stories of other Black women and how doing so helped her through a hard time in her life.

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