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Ridin solo dolo

Y’all ever had some place that you’ve always wanted to visit but for whatever reason, never got to go. Even though it was relatively close?? So that was me and Chi-Town! 

Ever since I moved to Ohio and found out how close Chicago was to me, I’d always wanted to go. I’d asked friends several times to go and for one reason or another never happened. Well no more!! I’ve wanted to go for so long that I just up and decided to do just that! My very first #SoloTrip (that wasn’t work related)! I pulled together my coins, rented a car and drove myself out to Chicago— with a few stops to see some amazing people on the way there and back. 

This trip was everything I didn’t know I needed! Of course the break from grad school was obviously needed, but beyond that, there’s something so liberating and freeing about traveling alone. Traveling for yourself. Traveling to fill your own soul! I found the time to think, to reflect to exercise (unintentionally, I really just walked everywhere), I journaled and most importantly I took the time to breathe and refocus! *inhales and exhales deeply* ... Life changing! 

Of COURSE I did a bunch of the touristy things. Visited the Bean (pic below) and swung by Buckingham Fountain to watch a BEAUTIFUL sunset and catch some dope candids! (Pictured above: 📸 cred Kenzie- the illest). 

I met up with some friends who were also visiting the city (pictured below). Solo travel’s great but meeting up with folks even if only for a moment is fun too!!

The best part of my trip was treating myself to seeing HAMILTON THE MUSICAL!!!!! I know the soundtrack frontwards and backwards so to see it come to life was beyond words!!!

I was bit with the travel bug YEARS ago, but I think I’ve officially been hit with the solo travel bug. I’m learning who I am. Learning to love who I am. Empowering myself to be a badass and through it all, learning so much!! If you’re considering a solo trip, I say GO. FOR. IT!!! Do what you’ve got to do and GO!!! I can’t wait for my next adventure, but for now. Caio bellas! ✌🏾

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