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Entering the "Bout to be 30's"...

Every year, in the few weeks leading up to my birthday, I tend to become really reflective. I start to think about the previous year and what I did and did not complete that I intended to. I take an assessment of my mental, physical and emotional state and evaluate whether or not I want to stay here or if there are things I want to change. I know this sounds so deep, but whether I want to or not, it just kind of happens. So over the years, I've just learned to embrace it.

Well this year in particular, something was different. I still haven't been able to really articulate what's different these days, but it's definitely something. The past few years I've had a pretty bleh birthday (which if you know me, SUCKS because I LOVE birthdays!). I just wasn't excited about being here and alive on earth. I wasn't excited about where I was in life and just wasn't overall happy. That may be hard to believe because I was also so bubbly and confident externally but I was lowkey dying eternally. But this year, something changed. Going into my birthday I felt free! I felt more in touch with myself. I felt like for the first time in my life, I was happy with where I was in life. That I was happy to be here and began to feel again that I have a place in this world with something to contribute.

Twenty-six was a journey. One in which I am grateful for, but have ZERO desire to repeat! It was absolute HELL in a lot of ways, but I'm grateful for the growth and hope to never have to repeat any of those lessons. lbvs! Being one with a lot of older friends, I have felt like I've been in my thirties for like 3 years now and I'm still three years away. I feel as though, while I love my friends, experiencing life the way that they have made me sort of miss ages 23-26, This is the first year that I actually feel my age. Like HEY! I'm 27! #THISIS27 and I am here for it!! I embrace that there are only 3 years standing between me and 30. Life is only beginning but I have no desire to waste any more time. I'm living my best life with no compromises!

This year, I spent my birthday in New York City!! One of my top 3 favorite cities in the world! My dream home!! and it was truly a dream come true in so many of ways! 2 of my girlfriends traveled out with me, 1 met up with me and I made a new one along the way! I couldn't have asked for a better time. I'd had dreams of living it up on a rooftop in New York with bottles and sparklers and guess how I brought in my bday?... Just. Like. That! It was amazing! My girls and I found ourselves at High Bar in Hells Kitchen, living it up, dancing and singing our hearts out and throwing back a $325 bottle of Sky this party promoter bought us. #ForTheWin! Then after an interesting encounter with a dominatrix and her submissive, we skiddadled on over to Taj for turn up part dos!! I had a BALL and I think I found my new favorite pair of heels! Comfortable enough to walk 4 city blocks in NYC and dance the night away in 2 different clubs! Ha! We spent Saturday morning getting sangria and mimosa drunk at Brunch that was AMAZING, took a good nap and rallied for part 3-- a bar crawl in East Village! It was a fun filled weekend and I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to spend it with!! Shoutout to Anyssa, Brianna, Vanessa and Joclene for being Ride or Die all weekend long!! Y'all are amazing!!!

#THISIS27! I am living my dream! Living in New York City studying at a Theatre School. I don't know if I ever imagined myself being here and yet, here I am! I am forever grateful and ready to soak up and learn ALL that I can throughout this process. I'll be sure to update y'all along the way... but until then:

Embrace Love, Chase your passions, and Remember You're ENOUGH!

PS. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I'm learning to be in the moment these days, but enjoy the few I have down below!

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